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Vaulx Risser

Vaulx Risser

We are an AISC Certified steel fabricator serving the states of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Iowa. A quality product and a commitment to service have guided the company since its founding on November 20, 1945.

Midwest Steel Works began operations in the South Haymarket area of Lincoln, Nebraska as a partnership between John H. Snyder and J Vaulx Risser. John H. Snyder subsequently sold his interest to J Vaulx Risser who incorporated February 10, 1961. J. Vaulx Risser began a process of rewarding key individuals with ownership opportunities in the company, a process that continues to the present day.

Our company resume includes steel projects for commercial and residential, as well as schools and public works, with past steel projects ranging up to 1500 tons. All detailing is provided in-house using SDS/2 detailing software by Design Data under the direct supervision of licensed professional engineers.

We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your future steel projects!